Split Face Block Repair is Very Important

A split-face block is a concrete masonry unit that continues to grow in popularity.  It is most commonly used to erect walls that are later reinforced with cement and waterproofing materials. Afterward, the surface of the wall is then smoothed and evened.  Maintenance is needed to prevent water from leaking through the concrete blocks of the structure.

Professional Repair is Very Important

But what causes leaking in the first place?  Concrete blocks are usually connected by cement. These materials are most always porous. This means water can still pass through your wall, causing more extensive damage and costlier repairs. If your electrical circuits are affected this can be potentially dangerous and even put your life at risk.

Leaving walls unprotected from water damage is a poor decision. Masonry that is harmed by water can be very expensive to repair. It will also cause a very long and time-consuming operation that could take weeks to fix. Not waterproofing your chimney can cause other possible problems. When water leaks onto the bricks it eventually will dampen your fireplace, preventing it from warming properly. This will result in higher heating bills through the winter.

To prevent or solve these critical issues, a professional service should be hired to complete the work. You will first need a complete inspection to detect all cracks and leaks in your walls and other parts of your structure. Any cracks or damage should then be repaired and cleaned thoroughly. Finally, make sure to have the contractor the seal the masonry to prevent further leaking. The importance of a quality waterproofing job cannot be stressed enough.

In the Chicago metropolitan area, your best option for your chimney and split face block repair work is  Arrow Masonry and Exteriors, Inc. Arrow Masonry has been providing quality masonry services to commercial and residential communities for more than 50 years. Call Arrow today at 847-776-6400 or visit their website to read about all the services that can provide for you.

Getting Your Chimney Ready for Autumn

The days are getting shorter, which means autumn is right around the corner. Cooler temperatures will be here very soon. Now is the best time to check your chimney to see if it will keep your home warm this winter. You should check your chimney to make sure it is safe and in good shape. Here are a few suggestions to ensure you are prepared for the cooler months.

Inspect Your Chimney Before Winter

A thorough sweeping should clear any buildup of debris, which may lead to a chimney fire.  This will also protect from smoke wafting back into the house. Additionally, it is a good idea to inspect the chimney and look for any damage or flaws. Also check for any type of malfunctions that could interfere with the use of the hearth system. It is recommended to have a professional complete this work.

Cap Your Chimney

It is important to cap your chimney before cold weather sets in.  A cap will prevent water from running down the flue. If possible, surround the cap with a wire cage. This will help keep any debris or wild animals out. You also may want to consider protecting your chimney flue with a top-sealing chimney damper. This goes on top of the chimney with a tight seal to protect against the elements.

If you note any deficiencies or repairs needed to your chimney, this is the time to act. Any damage will only worsen as the chilly months wear on. This is due to the chimney constantly dealing with moisture and freezing temperatures from outside and heat from the inside.

Chimney damage may put your home at risk for smoke, fire or water damage. With the approach of autumn, there is still time to get your chimney inspected or repaired. Prepare your chimney soon so it will be ready for the first fire of the season.

In the Chicago area your best option for chimney inspection and repair is  Arrow Masonry and Exteriors, Inc. Headquartered in Palatine, Arrow Masonry has been providing the highest quality masonry restoration services to commercial and residential communities for over 50 years. Call Arrow today at 847-776-6400 or visit their website to view all the services that can provide for you.

Membrane Coatings are Important for Your Roof

For buildings and homes, the quality and condition of the roof is extremely important. If you experience cold drafts or leaks, you should have it looked at as soon as possible. Not only are these conditions uncomfortable, but they can also lead to major damage and expensive repairs later. One of the most effective methods to repair a roof is using a membrane coating system.

 Membrane coating system is used to re-coat aged roofs.

First your roof needs to be inspected to determine if it’s in good enough condition for the work. Next, the existing membrane will be pressure washed and given a tack coat application.  This is completed to prepare the surface for the main coatings. A base coat is installed over all the seams, embedding fabric into the wet film. This is followed by applying another coat of base over the fabric. The roof is completed with 2 coats. The top coat is white which greatly reduces the temperature of the roof surface in the heat of the summer.

This system will help prevent further deterioration or cracks in the concrete. In addition to providing a durable non-skid surface, the waterproofing process helps protect occupied areas below from additional damage.

When deciding who to turn to perform this type of work, experience and trust is key. In the Palatine, IL area, your number one choice is Arrow Masonry and Exteriors. Their estimators will come to your site, inspect the work area, and give you a fair proposal.

Arrow Masonry and Exteriors, Inc. is the very best choice in northern Illinois to perform membrane coatings to your roof.  Arrow Masonry has been doing quality membrane coatings and masonry restoration for over 50 years. Arrow works with both commercial and residential communities. Call Arrow today at 847-776-6400 or visit their website to view all the quality services they can provide you.