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Brick Repair

Brick Repair Before & After

  • Before: Deflected masonry caused parapet wall to lean.
    After: The parapet wall was completely rebuilt with new brick, to a sound and stable condition.
  • Before: A truck backed into this I-beam causing it to shift.
    After: The I-beam had to be moved back into place and the masonry reset.
  • Before: This parapet wall was bowing and spalling so nothing short of rebuilding would do.
    After: After the rebuilding process the wall is level and plumb with all new masonry.

Penetrating moisture not only weakens the mortar that bonds the bricks together, but it also promotes premature deterioration of the brick. If moisture finds its way into a defect on the brick and freezes, it will cause the brick to spall, deflect or displace. Once this happens, the brick is rendered useless as it offers no structural support to the brick wall. Removing defective bricks will prevent water damage from spreading to the healthy and sound bricks remaining. Arrow Masonry works with a variety of brick suppliers to insure you the closest match to your existing brick when a brick repair is required.

Arrow’s Brick Repair Services Include:

  • Replacement of Spalling or Cracked Brick
  • Resetting of Deflected or Displaced Brick
  • Rebuilding of Leaning or Bowing Brick Walls
  • Parapet Wall Rebuilding
  • Firewall Rebuilding
  • Infills / Cut-Outs

Brick Repair F.A.Q.s

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