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Waterproofing is a common preventative maintenance service that can minimize your masonry’s exposure to water damage. Just as tuckpointing will safeguard your mortar, waterproofing will shield your masonry from wind driven and saturating rains.

Likely candidates for waterproofing include smooth/splitface concrete block, limestone, renaissance stone, single wythe brick veneer walls, and sandblasted/waterblasted common brick as they are all particularly porous. Arrow also recommends sealing all types of masonry after any sort of rebuilding process is completed in order to sustain the new masonry work.arr

A standard Rilem Tube test is used by Arrow to determine water intrusion resistance and deflection. Once the saturation level is known, Arrow can predict which type of waterproofing material would be most effective on the masonry facade in question. Arrow utilizes two types of waterproofing agents: siloxane clearcoat and elastomeric colorcoat. Both products bond chemically to the substrate of the brick, block or stone and allow them to breathe. Siloxane agents are rolled or sprayed onto the masonry and do not change the appearance of the façade at all. Typically, clearcoat agents are applied to brick and stone surfaces. Elastomeric sealants are decorative coatings that are hand brushed on to the masonry and come in a variety of colors. Due to the porosity of concrete block, the elastomeric sealants are the best option for splitface and smooth block surfaces. Water can penetrate straight through the block allowing moisture/condensation to form on the interior of the block, in between the studs, insulation and drywall. If not addressed, mold and other toxic spores can form between your walls creating a health risk to you and your family. Once the elastomeric paint is applied it locks out moisture and prevents drafts. Arrow’s waterproofing applications are for above grade vertical surfaces exclusively. Waterproofing agents do require re-applications every so often as the products breakdown over time. Maintenance cycles of 3-5 years are recommended.

Waterproofing Before & After

  • Before: Split face block is extremely porous and needs to be sealed every 5 to 7 years.
    After: Clearcoat sealants do not leave any residue on the block.
  • Before: Split face block is very porous and susceptible to water penetration.
    After: Split face block treated with a decorative waterproof coating penetrates deep into the substrate allowing it to become resistant to water infiltration. These waterproof coatings come in hundreds of colors to choose from.
  • Before: The waterproofing agent ARROW utilizes is sprayed onto the brick or stone surface after tuckpointing properly seals the mortar joints.
    After: The sealant goes on wet but dries without any evidence that the agent has been applied so there will be no visible difference to the brick’s appearance (i.e. no shiny film or cloudy residue).
  • Before: This concrete block wall was cracking not only within the mortar joints but within the block itself allowing water to penetrate through the wall.
    After: The cracking mortar was ground out, caulked then sealed with a waterproof colorcoat sealant.

Waterproofing F.A.Q.s


“Price and references were the reasons for hiring your company. Now that the work is completed, service and workmanship may be added to the list. We are extremely pleased with the results. The men were professional, friendly and kept the dust to a minimum. We’d be happy to recommend your company in the future.”

Jeffery B, Lake Forest, IL
Broadacre Management – 4 Market Square Court

“I have enjoyed working with both the office and the construction team. I found you to be professional, efficient and very friendly. Also, the crew cleaned the site as neatly as possible every time they were here.”

Wood, P, Barrington, IL

“I make a lot of decisions based on ‘gut reaction’. They rarely fail me. I chose Arrow because of your estimator, over four other bidders. Your estimator and the crew proved that Arrow was the best company. I’m very pleased with the results and would always use Arrow in the future. Feel free to use me as a reference.”

Bosley, E, Chicago, IL

“This operation was the neatest, cleanest and most professional one ever performed on our house and condominium. It was executed in a short time with maximum efficiency. The workers were polite and well equipped. The estimator was very knowledgeable and presented her evaluation in a business-like fashion.”

Stonehill, A, Evanston, IL

“I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for a wonderful business experience, and a job WELL DONE! Our front on the church is simply a work of art (along with the tuckpointing on east and south sides). People have come from many places to look, as well as take pictures of the work. It helps to beautify the entire block and neighborhood.”

Rev. Merlon J, Chicago, IL
Christ Community Church

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