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Tuckpointing Before & After

  • Before: Eroded, washed out mortar joints can lead to energy loss and leaks.
    After: Tuckpointing and cleaning the mortar joints gives the masonry wall a clean watertight finish.
  • Before: Separations between brick and mortar allow the ingress of air and water.
    After: Tuckpointing the mortar joints seals the gaps that could lead to energy loss and leaks.
  • Before: Exposed edges on brick provide an unnecessary ledge for water to sit on and eventually penetrate into the wall.
    After: Tuckpointing these edges with a tooled joint can prevent a host of water infiltration problems.
  • Before: Large holes and washed out mortar are typical signs that tuckpointing is needed.
    After: Tuckpointing these mortar joints with a flush joint seals the voids and gives the wall a neat, uniform appearance.
  • Before: These mortar joints had to be ground out until a solid bed joint was apparent.
    After: Arrow customizes its mortar colors and mixes so it blends seamlessly into the original.

Tuckpointing becomes mandatory when mortar joints have cracked, flaked, or disintegrated due to the abrasive effects of the elements. Although the right material and technique are enough to deliver a water-tight job, Arrow believes appearance is also a top priority. Our skilled crews carefully select the proper mortar mix and tools to compliment your existing mortar color and profile.

tuckpointing_animation_50At Work: Here is a condensed version of the tuckpointing process with a tooled joint. The first step is to prepare the mortar joint by grinding it out to a minimum depth of 1/2″ or until sound mortar is reached. Once the joint is ground out it is tuckpointed with new mortar in a color to match the existing as close as possible. After the applied mortar is thumbprint hard the joint is tooled to form a concave profile for a watertight seal.

Tuckpointing F.A.Q.s


Arrow appears to be a very well managed organization. Here are some highlights that impressed me:1. Prompt response to quote request
2. Thorough well written and clear proposal of work options
3. Prompt response by sales rep to all calls and questions
4. Sales rep kept me informed of when work was scheduled to be done
5. Work crew and foreman were at work site at 7:00am each work day and were hard working, very efficient and did an excellent job
6. The shutters that were removed were in such bad shape that they could not be put back up. I had to order custom sized shutters and the sales rep agreed to have a worker return and install the new shutters when they arrived… very accommodating!”

Karras, D, River Forest, IL

“Excellent work and crew…. Arrow exceeded all of our expectations! We have already given your name to our neighbor who needs a similar job done. Thanks to Stan and crew and thanks to Karie for her knowledge and advice!”

Kopper, C, Oak Park, IL

“I would like to take a minute and explain the nature of my letter. Typically people have a tendency to complain instead of compliment. We tend to harp on the bad while failing to concentrate on the good. I am guilty of the above. It is not uncommon to find mediocre services, inflated prices, rude business people and all over poor customer service. This brings me to the reason for contacting your company.My mother is recently divorced and left with a house in need of many repairs. I made a list of repairs needing immediate attention with top priority to tuckpointing. I scheduled a few local companies to come and give her estimates. It seemed as soon as they realized she was a middle aged, single female they began the sales pitch. These so called sales people gave inflated estimates and tried to bully her into accepting their bids. They had her believing she needed more work than was necessary.I resorted to grabbing the yellow pages and calling outside of our area. I was not immediately impressed by any of the advertisements and less impressed by the initial calls. Then I went to your website and thought maybe I had found something. The sight was easy to read, colorful and informative. I was still slightly skeptical until I called and spoke with Kathy. She was so nice and professional.

ARROW came out and gave an estimate immediately. Though the job was small Kathy said ARROW still wanted my business and offered a reasonable estimate. I was speechless. I actually found a company that was fair, reasonable and willing to go that extra mile. I signed the contract.

Though the weather did not cooperate and ARROW was backed up with major jobs, Kathy kept in contact and assured me I had not been forgotten. On the day ARROW came to the house the workers were fast, courteous and meticulous. When they were finished the yard had been completely cleaned.

ARROW exceeded my expectations! I can not thank you enough. ARROW has proven honest and reliable companies still exist. I can only show my gratitude by praising your company to all people I come in contact with. I am constantly telling neighbors, co-workers and friends ARROW is the best!

Thanks again!! I wish your company nothing but many, many years of success.”

Smock, K, Berkley, IL

“Please accept this letter of heartfelt thanks for the craftsmanship and dedication that your work crew has shown in repairing our aging church. While the exterior was starting to sag, our worship life is thriving. Now our exterior can exemplify the wonderful life and energy that God is doing in the lives of our members and the interior of our church. Your crew has been courteous and diligent, obliging every special request that we have given. On behalf of the people of Luther Memorial, and the church council in particular, I thank you. Please know that I am happy to be reference if you should ever need one.”
Rev. Timothy B, Chicago, IL
Luther Memorial Church of Chicago

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