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Stone Restoration

Stone Restoration Before & After

  • Before: The terra cotta beltline on this building was deflecting and on the verge of falling onto the sidewalk below.
    After: Arrow had to pin, brace, reset and reinforce the terra cotta sections to a sound and secure condition.
  • Before: This stone wall was bowing out and delaminating from its substrate.
    After: Arrow had to completely rebuild this wall with new stone to match as close as stock would allow.
  • Before: This stone facade was schalling and deteriorating over years of improper maintenance.
    After: ARROW restored the front of this building by systematically replacing all damaged stone.
  • Before: Severe spalling of a limestone façade from water damage over time.
    After: Spalling limestone is replaced with new custom fabricated limestone pieces.
  • Before: The roof and gutter above the face of the building leaked allowing water to seep between the limestone facade and the common brick back up wall. The water froze inside pushing the limestone wythe away from the interior common brick about 5″. ARROW had to brace both the interior and exterior wythes to stabilize the wall prior to dismantling.
    After: The salvaged limestone was reset and securely reinforced to the common brick back up wall for proper structural integrity. The building façade looks exactly like it did originally, only now there is no risk of falling limestone pieces."
  • Before: Sometimes the cost to replace limestone is prohibitive so patching is an alternative.
    After: This column was fabricated with a special limestone patch mix to resemble the original color, texture, and feel of limestone.

Limestone, Renaissance stone, Cultured stone, Sandstone, Terra Cotta are different types of stone facades that Arrow repairs and replaces. Stone is particularly porous and special attention is needed to maintain it. Most often stone becomes discolored or dislodged and Arrow is contacted to clean, patch, reset or replace it. Another common threat to stone facades is de-icing salts. The salts etch and erode the surface of the stone and wear down its integrity. After the stone is properly repaired or replaced, Arrow usually follows up with a waterproofing treatment to slow down the intrusion of the water and chemicals.

Arrow’s Stone Restoration Services Include:

  • Replacement of Spalling or Disintegrating Stone
  • Pinning/Stabilization of Deflected stone
  • Resetting of Displaced or Dislodged stone
  • Patching of Stone
  • Capstone/Clay Coping Replacement
  • Stone Sill Resetting/Replacement
  • Power washing of Stone

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