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Masonry Restoration Before & After

  • Before: Deteriorating brick and mortar on the top 4' of the parapet wall.
    After: The top 4' of the parapet wall was ground out then tuckpointed will brick replacement where necessary.
  • Before: Porch walls buckling and bowing because of the faulty concrete stoop set inside.
    After: All walls, columns and limestone railings had to be rebuilt/reset.
  • Before: The top portion of this parapet wall had bowed so badly a portion of it fell down.
    After: The parapet wall was rebuilt to a sound and secure condition.

Masonry restoration is not only costly but if performed in the wrong manner can be unsightly. Mismatched mortar and incompatible brick replacement will leave undesirable features on your masonry walls for years to come. Arrow Masonry will not only repair the structural deficiencies within your brick, concrete block and stone facades but will do so in a way to enhance its cosmetic appeal. We carefully select the closest brick match to your original not only in color but in texture to insure the integration of the old and new. The best compliment we have received was not seeing the repair at all!

Arrow’s Masonry Restoration Services Include:

  • Replacement of Spalling or Cracked Brick
  • Resetting of Deflected or Displaced Brick
  • Rebuilding of Leaning or Bowing Brick Walls
  • Parapet Wall Rebuilding
  • Firewall Rebuilding
  • Infills / Cut-Outs

Masonry Restoration F.A.Q.s

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