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Lintel Replacement Before & After

  • Before: A truck backed into this I-beam causing it to shift.
    After: The I-beam had to be moved back into place and the masonry reset.
  • Before: This corner I-beam supported 5 stories of cumulative weight, but when it corroded and bowed beyond repair it had to be replaced.
    After: Careful shoring and masonry work made this replacement process a success.
  • Before: This is another photo of a sagging angle iron. Notice the large gap between the steel and the window frame.
    After: The installation of a new lintel diminishes the chances of water infiltration at the window seam.
  • Before: The radiused I-Beam was bowed and corroded beyond repair. Notice the strategic placement of shoring and pinning to brace the I-Beam.
    After: New radiused I-Beam was fabricated and installed. All thelimestone was reused and reset to a sound and plumb condition.
  • Before: This lintel was completely corroded and bowing causing the soldier masonry above it to deflect.
    After: A new angle iron was primed, painted and installed with flashing and drip wicks for proper drainage. The soldier course of brick was reset to a plumb condition.
  • Before: The I-Beam supporting the 2nd floor porch was sagging along with all of the masonry.
    After: All masonry work above the I-Beam had to be removed in order for the new I-Beam to be installed.
  • Before: This mid-rise building with flexicore construction was experiencing water infiltration after every rain above many windows.
    After: ARROW’S crew solved the problem by infilling the exposed flexicore voids, replacing the faulty lintels, then installing polyvinyl flashing with end dams/drip wicks in between the lintel and brick for proper drainage.
  • Before: A truck backed into this I-beam causing it to shift.
    After: The I-beam had to be moved back into place and the masonry reset.
  • Before: A truck pulled out the entire I-beam and all the masonry above it collapsed.
    After: A new I-beam was installed and all the masonry above it had to be replaced.

Lintels (angle irons), I-Beams and C-Channels with welded plates are all used to bridge openings within masonry walls. They are imperative in carrying the cumulative load of multi-floor heights of masonry.

If these crucial steel members corrode and bow, the structural stability of the masonry wall becomes questionable. Faulty lintels will cause the masonry shores to sag, skew or worst case fall off. For this reason it is vital that lintels be replaced if found defective.

In addition, all openings should have a proper flashing system installed to divert water out and away from the interior of the opening. Flashing with drip wicks are necessary components to keep steel lintels, C-Channels, and I-Beams from corroding.

Lintel Replacement F.A.Q.s


“I wanted to thank you for having an extremely professional tuckpointing crew do the work on my home. Stanley and his crew were prompt and courteous. After making unavoidable dust, they cleaned up the area and made sure that the home was presentable again. It is unusual to see this kind of workmen anymore and I want to express my gratitude to your company for selecting such good workmen to represent your company”
Loiacono, S, Lake Barrington, IL

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you – from your estimator’s prompt response to our phone inquiry for an estimate, to the completion of the excellent work!”
Faron, M, Chicago, IL
Rue De Lago Condo Assn.

“A very thorough job at a fair price. I was pleased with how well the job site was cleaned up too.”

Scott P, Alsip, IL
Petersen Elector-Musical Products, Inc.

“We reviewed all of Arrow’s references which made us aware of good looking jobs and satisfied customers. We thought we would like to join their ranks!”

Norma G, Libertyville, IL
Gau Property Management

“Your crew was very thorough and clean-up afterward was excellent!”
Thomas G, Mt.Prospect, IL
Mt. Prospect Public Library

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