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Brick Repair for Historic Chicago Churches

Historic Chicago churches are one of the many important staples of the city of Chicago and its community. Unfortunately though, as time has gone on, these churches have started to crumble. Whether it’s because of Chicago’s varying weather conditions or simply aging, it’s clear that repair is needed as soon as possible. Not only do […]

Brick Repair for Chicago 2-Flats and 3-Flats

Let’s face it: in the Windy City, there’s plenty of apartment buildings that are beginning to crumble. Whether it’s a 2-flat or a 3-flat, brick-and-mortar apartment buildings are weathering and falling apart – and no matter the circumstance of the damage, be it harsh weather conditions or simply aging, it’s clear that repair is needed […]

Brick Repair For Chicago Businesses, Auto Body Shops, Corner Convenience Stores

Whether you’re a small/big business, an auto body shop, a corner convenience store, or really any other Chicago business that is based in a brick-and-mortar building, it’s clear that you matter a great deal within The Windy City. This is why we at Arrow Masonry want to make sure that your buildings are entirely together […]

Brick Repair For Chicago Private Schools

Private schools in the Windy City have always been a staple of much importance. Whether it’s their often religious freedoms, academic excellence, or their essential aspect of community – private schools are of the utmost importance in the Chicago area. This is why we must make sure that these schools are entirely together – not […]

Arrow Masonry: Tuckpointing Experts in Rockford

Rockford is full of a great deal of industrial structures. From offices to restaurants to schools to the strangely large amount of museums – there’s plenty of aged brick-and-mortar in the city of Rockford – which also means there’s plenty of opportunity to use the tuckpointing process to repair any buildings in need of it. […]

What to Do if Your Building is Crumbling

When the mortar joints on an industrial building have cracked, flaked, or disintegrated due to weather or time, there’s only one true solution when it comes to fixing the issue – tuckpointing. Whether it’s a masonry, stone, lintel, or a chimney structure, once the process of tuckpointing is complete, a once crumbled and dilapidated brick […]

Caulking and Sealing a Building

Caulking is a decades old technique that was originally mainly used in ship building. The idea was to prevent any penetration between hard-surfaced construction materials. It is imperative the caulk or sealant is water-tight and secured tightly to the hard surface. The more secured the seal, the greater the effectiveness of the caulk. To keep […]

The Importance of Detecting Leaks in Your Building

All building owners, landlords and residents should be aware of leaky areas. Whether you are experiencing a leak of air or water, it is vital to find the cause quickly. Diagnosing and repairing the issue in a timely manner not only increases comfort but can also save hundreds of dollars by preventing a larger problem […]

Energy Efficiency in Brick Homes

For decades bricks have been one of the most popular building materials. In fact, almost 40% of current residences were constructed using bricks. Due to the attempt to decrease energy consumption in all forms, special building regulations have been created in recent years.  These energy guidelines require newly constructed homes be built more efficiently. The […]

Experience is Key With Masonry Restoration

Some reparation projects require more knowledge than others to complete safely and successfully. If the work to be done is intricate, detailed or complicated, hiring an experienced contractor is more important than ever. One such industry that requires high levels of competency and attention to detail is tuckpointing and masonry restoration. Complex Work Requires Experience […]