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Power Washing Before & After

  • Before: Ornamental limestone was extremely stained with carbon and dirt deposits.
    After: Simple cleaning detergents restore the limesone to its natural apperance
  • Before: Atmospheric dirt and carbon stains on exposed masonry and limestone surfaces.
    After: Chemical cleaning removes the impurities and restores the brick and limestone back to its original color.
  • Before: The capstones and stone facade were soiled with atmospheric dirt and carbon deposits.
    After: Power washing restored the limestone back to its original appearance.
  • Before: Noticeable dirt and water stains made this masonry appear weathered and drab.
    After: Chemical cleaning enhanced the curb appeal of this apartment building.
  • Before: Traffic fumes and pollution took a toll on the face of this building.
    After: Removing these deposits allowed for the true colors of the brick to stand out.
  • Before: This house was painted four different colors over the years providing ARROW with a paint removal challenge.
    After: Traditional chemicals could not break through the many coats of paint effectively so ARROW had to utilize a waterblasting method (powerwashing with silica sand). As you can see the results were amazing. ARROW also tuckpointed and sealed this brick with a siloxane (clear) waterproofing agent.
  • Before: This stone wall is to the front entrance of a subdivision. As you can see it was heavily soiled from traffic fumes and air pollutants.
    After: ARROW simply powerwashed the stone without the use of chemicals to protect the vegetation. The wall cleaned up beautifully.

In addition to tuckpointing and masonry repair, Arrow Masonry also provides cleaning services for brick and stone. Power Washing is a relatively safe and cost effective method of furnishing your masonry building with a fresh new look. It is usually requested on older buildings where heavy pollution and traffic fumes have left their mark over the years.

Atmospheric dirt, carbon, mold and algae are all common deposits defacing brick surfaces. Chemicals, with the aid of a pressure washer, can work wonders to uncover the original look of your brick. The chemical is sprayed on to the masonry or stone surface then power rinsed off. Stubborn deposits are treated with a waterblasting method which incorporates both water and silica sand. Arrow Masonry pays special attention to preparing the worksite prior to any cleaning process to insure protection of exposed windows, doors, and landscaping.

Power Washing F.A.Q.s


“I used Angie’s List to find you. The reviews said that you were excellent on both price and service and I agree! The workers arrived on time, the repairs were beautiful and the yard was cleaner after they left than before! I would recommend Arrow heartily!”

Webber, D, Lincolnshire, IL

“If you offer a warranty or guarantee you must do a good job… Complete disclosure as to what was going to be done aided my decision to use Arrow. The work looks great and your crew was very efficient. I could have paid less but I’m sure after seeing your work I would have received much less. Thank you very much.”

Kingsley, C, Bannockburn, IL

“It is so refreshing to receive such prompt and expedient service for a change. We didn’t have to pay anything down and we didn’t receive a bill until the work was completed to our satisfaction. I would recommend Arrow to my friends and family and I would definitely use them again!”

Cockrell, J, Chicago, IL

“I just wanted to thank you for what I felt was exceptional work by your crew. From the moment they arrived to the time they left, they were always working and the results exceeded our expectations. Just as importantly, when they finished, the clean-up was great. The work, as you know, is really messy and dirty but when they finished you would have never known what a mess the place had been just a short time ago. Once again, our sincere thanks for a job well done. You can be certain that, should we require this type of service again, we shall not hesitate to call Arrow. Please use us as a reference.”

Potenz, R, Libertyville, IL

“Before deciding to use Arrow I called and got a reference from a previous customer. She was extremely satisfied with the quality of work and professionalism of the crew. I am pleased to say that I fully agree. I am very thankful for the expert job. Even my neighbors noticed how hard and quickly the crew worked. They were neat and professional. From the original estimate through the completion of the project I have received excellent service. Thank you.”

Clouser, K, Oak Park, IL

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