Choose Arrow for Your Lintel Replacement Needs

Do you suspect that your Lintels, I-Beams or C-Channels are beginning to corrode and crumble? Do you see any dusting or particles on the floor underneath?

Lintels are a major load-bearing piece of the infrastructure in multi-level masonry structures. If these start to corrode, sag or even fall off it is necessary to replace and to replace it with a newer technology to keep water away from the interior of the opening.

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From Drab to Fab

We at Arrow Masonry and Exteriors, Inc. are able to restore your brickwork and rebuild for your home, office, condominium and corporation.


• Replacement of Spalling or Cracked Brick

• Resetting of Deflected or Displaced Brick

• Rebuilding of Leaning or Bowing Brick Walls

• Parapet Wall Rebuilding

• Firewall Rebuilding

• Infills / Cut-Outs

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Servicing the Chicagoland Area Since 1964

Arrow Masonry and Exteriors, Inc. specializes in providing the Chicagoland Community with a professional and friendly service. Since 1964, we have been cleaning and repairing damages with mortar and brick and implementing our experience with a brick that will last for many years.

When servicing your property, we are thorough in detail from building codes to structural integrity. We provide waterproofing so your structure will not corrode and fail. Not only do we correct the internal structure, but we also bring out the beauty of the outward appearance of your brick, mortar, lintels, chimneys and much more.

Given the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2010, we are proud to serve the Chicagoland Area with Super Service since 1964 to today!