Professional Masonry Restoration-Get it Right the First Time!

Masonry restoration is not only costly but if performed in the wrong manner can be unsightly. Mismatched mortar and incompatible brick replacement detracts from your buildings aesthetics leaving undesirable features on your masonry walls for years to come.

Arrow Masonry is an established masonry restoration company that not only repairs structural deficiencies within your brick, stone or block facades but does so in a way to enhance its cosmetic appeal.

We carefully select the closest brick match to your original not only in color but in texture insure integration of the new and old. When tuckpointing is required we customize your mortar mix so it blends in with your existing mortar color and profile. The best compliment we have received was not seeing the repair at all!

Contact Arrow Masonry today at 847-776-6400 if you are in need of any of our masonry restoration services or click here to see what we have done!

Spring Repairs and Restoration

This is the season of masonry repairs…If the Spring thaw has created disturbing leaks which have breached your masonry façade contact Arrow Masonry today.

Our experienced team of estimators travel all over Chicago and surrounding suburbs assessing the source of your leak and generating a course of action to solve it.  Whether it’s rebuilding a leaning parapet wall, removing a corroded lintel, replacing bulging brick or tuckpointing crumbling mortar Arrow will service all of your masonry restoration needs while preserving your buildings cosmetic appeal.

From mobilization to job clean up and all masonry repairs in between contact Arrow Masonry now or browse our informative website.

Make the call and Arrow Masonry will fix your brick and mortar walls!

Lowest Temperatures Cause Home Damage

The coldest winter Chicago has seen in decades is finally over. What do we have to show for it?

Leaking walls, cracked mortar joints, and crumbling brick. With the record low temperatures, your masonry walls literally shrank and contracted.  Now with the warmer weather, your walls are expanding, exposing the deterioration to your building’s façade.  These gaps within your walls allow water penetration into the interior of your home, causing damage to the drywall, millwork and paint.  And yes, if left neglected will promote mold growth!

Let Arrow Masonry’s experienced staff offer you a thorough assessment of what your masonry building requires to become watertight and structurally sound.

Our services include tuckpointing, lintel replacement, masonry repair, caulking and waterproofing of brick, block and stone facades. Arrow has professionally serviced architects, building owners, and property managers throughout Chicagoland for over 20 years.

Call Arrow Masonry now at 847-776-6400 or browse our website for more information.  Don’t wait until your interior walls start turning black, contact us today and we can provide you with an estimate tomorrow.

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