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The Importance of Detecting Leaks in Your Building

All building owners, landlords and residents should be aware of leaky areas. Whether you are experiencing a leak of air or water, it is vital to find the cause quickly. Diagnosing and repairing the issue in a timely manner not only increases comfort but can also save hundreds of dollars by preventing a larger problem […]

Caulking Can Prevent Leaks into Your Building

As anyone who owns a home or building can attest, preventing leaks is absolutely essential. Keeping inside areas dry not only provides comfort, but it also makes it more energy efficient. A structure free of drafts and water cuts down on utility costs.  And it is certain that no one ever wants to deal with […]

Should I Consider Caulking My Windows or Should they be Repaired?

People who notice a draft coming into their home due to poor fitting windows face a dilemma on how to resolve the problem. Are the windows in need of repair or will a good caulking job around the panes fix the issue? Are the windows so old and worn that repair is not worth the […]

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