Caulking Can Prevent Leaks into Your Building

As anyone who owns a home or building can attest, preventing leaks is absolutely essential. Keeping inside areas dry not only provides comfort, but it also makes it more energy efficient. A structure free of drafts and water cuts down on utility costs.  And it is certain that no one ever wants to deal with water in their building where it does not belong.

Caulking Can Stop Leaks and Save Money

Caulking is a job that very often needs to be completed by a professional. The are many different companies in the Chicago area that provide caulking services to home owners and commercial buildings. The firm at the top of the list for caulking is Arrow Masonry and Exteriors. Arrow has many years of experience providing masonry and tuckpointing restoration. One of their specialties is caulking areas to prevent leaking using the most effective sealing products on the market.

The use of caulking is a preventative device to stop leaks before they become a larger problem. It is important to keep in mind an open caulk joint can cause a large amount of damage. If water is allowed to seep into a building, it can be just as destructive as a void within a mortar joint. That is why prevention is key.

Arrow is experienced in dealing with many types of problems requiring caulking. They use many different kinds of sealing products and will determine the best one for your issue. The various caulk sealants used by Arrow include polyurethane, silicone, and butyl rubber. All of these products can be used to form a watertight seal to all types of control, perimeter and expansion joints.

If your real estate is located in or near Chicago the number one choice for caulking  work is  Arrow Masonry and Exteriors, Inc. Arrow Masonry has been serving the entire area with caulking solutions and masonry restoration services to commercial and residential communities for over 50 years. Call Arrow today at 847-776-6400 or visit their website to view all the ways they can assist you.