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Arrow Masonry: Tuckpointing Experts in Rockford

Rockford is full of a great deal of industrial structures. From offices to restaurants to schools to the strangely large amount of museums – there’s plenty of aged brick-and-mortar in the city of Rockford – which also means there’s plenty of opportunity to use the tuckpointing process to repair any buildings in need of it.

If you’re located in Rockford, you know very well that it is a very busy place – and so you don’t want your building to be cracked or weathered. Not only does this damage look unsatisfying but is also quite unsafe and borderline dangerous – the larger the crack becomes, the worse the structural integrity of your structure will become. No matter the cause of the damage (weather, etc.) – it’s clear that tuckpointing can fix it extremely well. 

Whether it’s a masonry, stone, lintel, or a chimney structure, once the process of tuckpointing is complete, a once crumbled and dilapidated brick structure now looks better than it ever did. This is because at its core, tuckpointing is the process of filling in open joints and gaps in an industrial mortar structure. This is done using a proper mortar mix that will blend with your existing brick color and texture/profile – perfect for making any sort of cracks or structural imperfections dissolve.

Arrow Masonry is your very best bet when it comes to properly tuckpointing your industrial building. If you’re looking for top-quality tuckpointing that not only looks good as far as the aesthetic goes, but also improves the structural integrity of your building, then Arrow Masonry is most certainly the obvious choice.

If your building is located in Rockford or Chicago or any of its surrounding areas and your industrial brick-and-mortar structure is crumbling, contact Arrow Masonry & Exteriors today! We will be happy to help with any of your tuckpointing needs.

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