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Brick Repair For Chicago Private Schools

Private schools in the Windy City have always been a staple of much importance. Whether it’s their often religious freedoms, academic excellence, or their essential aspect of community – private schools are of the utmost importance in the Chicago area. This is why we must make sure that these schools are entirely together – not a single wall should be crumbling, for aesthetic’s sake and to an even more salient point – for safety’s sake.

When it comes to private schools, typically we witness the same mortar issues as other industrial buildings: flaking mortar joints that are now deemed unattractive…or oftentimes, unsafe.

Arrow Masonry uses a process known as tuckpointing, which is essentially the rebuilding and refurbishing of industrial brick-and-mortar buildings. To put it in more specific terms, tuckpointing involves using the correct mortar mix to fix mortar joints on industrial buildings that have cracked, flaked, or disintegrated due to the harsh effects of the elements. The right material and technique are enough to deliver a water-tight job – but we also believe that appearance is a top priority. Our skilled crews carefully select the proper mortar mix and tools to complement your existing mortar color and profile.

This process will work wonders for a flaking private school. Seeing as we have successfully completed thousands of projects for commercial, multiunit, and industrial properties for over 50 years, we would be beyond glad to take on your private school or industrial brick-and-mortar building today! With our passion for Chicagoland’s community, structural integrities, and positive appearances, we at Arrow Masonry want to do our best to make sure that restoration for your building is done to a tee.

If you are located in Chicago or any of its surrounding areas and your industrial brick-and-mortar structure is crumbling, contact Arrow Masonry & Exteriors today! We will be happy to help with any of your tuckpointing needs.

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