When Should Exterior Caulking Be Replaced?

During the winter in the midwestern United States, office buildings and other property are sometimes exposed to large temperature swings during short periods of time. Being below zero one day and near fifty degrees a day or so later is not that uncommon. Changeable weather like this is conducive to a freeze and thaw cycle, where we experience rain, snow, melting of ice and then re-freezing at night when the mercury drops once again. This frequent change in temperature can result in uncomfortable drafts or water damage to your home or office.

This is important because not only do drafty rooms and leaky areas make your office space feel less than cozy, it also contributes to increased costs for heating and other utility bills. Obviously, it is a good idea to jump on these issues before they become a larger problem and require major repair.

Replacing Exterior Caulking

To guard against this occurring to your structure, it is highly recommended you inspect exterior caulking of your building on a regular basis to see if it needs to be serviced or possibly even replaced. Make checking on the caulked areas surrounding all your doors and windows a regular routine, at least once a month. If you notice any caulk that appears to be cracking, pulling away from the window frame or door jambs or is completely missing, it is a good bet you need to have the caulking replaced.

Replacing or repairing caulk can be a difficult task, so it is best to have a tuckpointing professional complete the job unless you have knowledge of the work involved. We are located in Palatine and service the entire Chicago metropolitan area, and we know the importance of caulking your building to keep out leaks and drafts. We are professional and experienced and make use of a variety of sealant products depending on your particular needs. Polyurethane, silicone, and other types of caulk are used to form a waterproof barrier to all joints to prevent leakage and drafts.

For any specific questions regarding caulking repair or replacement please call Arrow Masonry today at (312) 329-0750. Arrow has over 50 years of experience working on large, industrial buildings or smaller homes and knows what it takes to keep your structure looking and functioning at top efficiency.