Repairing and Maintaining an Industrial Size Chimney

If you are a business owner and have a large chimney in need of maintenance keep in mind the fall and winter months are not really the optimal time for repairs. Ideally, you should work done in the summer or early fall when the weather is better.  Why? There are several good reasons why business owners should act right now to get those chimney services performed before true autumn and winter weather arrive.

Masonry chimneys sometimes slowly deteriorate with water damage, exposure to high winds and lack of maintenance. The best masonry repairs are made during warmer weather since this will allow the materials to cure properly.  Other types of service that should be considered before winter are those relating to water problems. Often times chimneys that are porous will absorb moisture and go through a freeze thaw cycle during winter and become damaged.

An owner of a commercial business will sometimes notice issues such as a leak around the chimney or in their ceiling or upper storage area.  There may be a lot involved to correcting water problems and for best results they should be completed before the cold season if at all possible. Building, repairing and extending masonry chimneys need be scheduled before winter, when a chimney professional is more likely to allow the needed time for this type of repair. Once the masonry is cured, waterproofing that will protect the new masonry for years can be applied. This job is much easier to accomplish when the weather is mild.

Other repairs your chimney may require include replacing flashing, building chimney crickets and crown repair.  All of these projects need to be completed before the weather gets too cold for best results. Also, be aware that any major chimney repair such as a complete rebuilding of the chimney, chimney relining or the installation of a manufactured chimney system all require extra time and weather above freezing. The milder weather will provide the owner many options to keep their business and employees safe from fire hazards, carbon monoxide poisoning and from the risk of nesting animals. Your chimney professional can prevent all these serious hazards by inspecting your chimney and recommending a solution that can be implemented right now.

For any questions regarding chimney repair or restoration please call contact us today or call 312-329-0750. They have over 50 years of experience working on large, industrial size chimneys and know what it takes to keep your business safe and your chimney functioning at its very best.