Keep Out the Winter Cold

Do you suspect that there is some leakage in your home? Whether it be water behind your brick, block or stone walls creating mold or behind your windows and door frames? Do you feel drafts coming in cracks and crevices?

We can help you find the entrance to those pesky annoyances. We have infrared technology that can detect the most probable sources of the leak and identify any damages that have incurred. We will recommend measures that should be taken and effective solutions that will correct the problem.

We also offer Energy Efficiency Audits. Here we check your home, apartment, office or condominium for any masonry flaws that are creating drafts, cracks and holes. Recommendations will be made to correct the infrastructure thereto.

We specialize in masonry restoration that includes tuckpointing, caulking, and waterproofing that not only will stop any mold issues, but also will decrease your energy bill.

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