Power Washing in the Summer

Summertime in the Chicagoland area is truly the best time of year to truly clean the exterior of your building.

Since it’s warm outside, the actual act of being outside to do the cleaning isn’t as miserable (or dangerous) as it could be during the late fall or winter months. The summer months also tend to be some of the less rainy months of year, reducing the risk of scheduling time for cleaning to see it only get ruined by mother nature. And, if there is precipitation, it’s likely not going to be in the form of sleet or snow – which can contribute to damage and dirtiness to your buildings.

That’s why you should take advantage of the summer months to do as much cleaning possible – you won’t get an opportunity like this again for a very long time. This is why we recommend doing power washing this summer.

What is power washing?

Our power washing services combine premium cleaning chemicals with high-powered washing methods to restore your masonry to its original condition as closely as possible.

Power washing is necessary because over the long winter months and spring, many adverse factors from moisture, mold, algae, snow, sleet and even road salt and other de-icing methods can stain your exterior masonry. Pollution and exhaust fumes from heavy traffic can also take their tolls, leaving your building exteriors darkened and dirty.

During power washing, our high-powered cleaning chemicals are applied to your exteriors to begin to dissolve the stubborn stains and dirt deposits. Our power washing tools then take off the stains and deposits for good by combining high-pressure water with silica sand.

Is power washing safe?

When done by a professional, power washing is very safe – as well as cost effective.

To ensure that none of your building’s vulnerable exterior surfaces are harmed during the power washing process, we take steps ahead of time to cover or plan around them before undertaking the job. These may include exposed windows, garage doors, windowsills, porch doors, bushes and landscaping.

Order a power washing for your building today

There’s only so much you can do on your own you clean the exterior of your building. Get the professional help you need by contacting us today and scheduling an appointment. You can email us at arrow@tuckpointing.com or call us at one of our convenient phone numbers on our contact page.