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Chicago Masonry Restoration

Arrow Masonry has been a Chicago Masonry Restoration expert for more than 50 years. We have successfully completed thousands of projects for commercial, multifamily, industrial, government and municipal customers.

We specialize in masonry restoration and custom brick and stone repair through tuckpointing, chemical cleaning, rebuilding, sealing and more. We offer affordable solutions for the masonry needs of everyone in the greater Chicago area.

Chicago Masonry Repair Estimates

Our estimates go beyond a piece of paper with a price on it. We like to educate our customers in a way that details why the repair is needed, the way we will properly address it, and how it can be prevented from happening again. There will be no surprises in our assessments. We’ve been doing this long enough to have foresight of the many possibilities of what can pop up during a project.

Whether you want or need masonry repairs, or even if you’re just curious of cost, contact us and you will get a hassle-free, no pressure quote from a company with the knowledge and skill to address your project.

Arrow’s Masonry Restoration Services Include:

  • Replacement of Spalling or Cracked Brick
  • Resetting of Deflected or Displaced Brick
  • Rebuilding of Leaning or Bowing Brick Walls
  • Parapet Wall Rebuilding
  • Firewall Rebuilding
  • Infills / Cut-Outs

Check out samples of our Chicago masonry restoration projects.

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