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Winterize Your Business Before the Weather Turns

With the end of summer quickly approaching, this is the perfect time for business owners to begin taking stock of their buildings to determine their caulking and winterizing needs. The time to do this is now, while the weather is still comfortable and conditions are more acceptable for outside work.

Preparing your exterior for the winter ahead is crucial for the preservation and appearance of your building and property. The damage done from spring thunderstorms and summer humidity, along with wild temperature swings all lead to excessive moisture that is detrimental to your caulk and brick structure.

Plus, by winterizing your building in early autumn (late September or early October), you can avoid harmful weather conditions that may cause serious damage to your crucial investment later on down the road during the cold season.

Winterizing your building and property now you will reap many benefits, including:

  • Preventing moisture and drafts from getting into your building and saving yourself from discomfort and hundreds of dollars in heating costs.
  • Keeping the elements of the harsh cold season outside where they belong and protect your building’s interior areas.
  • Protecting your property from the upcoming winter by improving its insulation and dependability.
  • Maintaining your building’s aesthetic appeal through the long cold days of winter which some years seem to last an eternity.

If you have decided to winterize now then Arrow Masonry and Exteriors is the one to call to answer your questions, give advice and assist you with all your needs. Arrow’s Leak Detection technology and Energy Efficiency Audits can pinpoint and locate any problem areas and suggest corrective action to take before any of your questionable areas develop into a major headache.

In short, Arrow Masonry has all the solutions necessary to protect your property this winter and for years to come.

Pick up the phone and contact Arrow today at 312-329-0750. You’ll be glad you did!

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