When is the Best Time of Year to Perform Masonry Work?

The summer months are usually the slowest times of the year for masonry work. This is because brick suppliers are less behind during the warmer months.  The optimal time to begin masonry repairs tends to be in autumn. This is because temperatures are cooler, and precipitation has yet to become a problem. Rain can complicate masonry repairs and cause extra precautions, like using tarps and heaters.

Best Time for Masonry Chimney Repairs

The ideal time for masonry chimney repairs is right after winter ends or just before it starts. These times work well since the weather is more moderate and less likely to experience extreme temperatures. Another great time for chimney repairs is a few weeks after winter is over. Your chimney gets the most use in the winter, and a lot of unseen damage has a chance to build up.

Optimum Weather for Repointing

Repointing a masonry structure is a process that calls for removing old mortar and replacing it with a new mixture. When this is complete the curing process can begin. The conditions during curing are important to the outcome. A repointing project is not complete until the curing phase comes to an end. While many jobs do well in warm weather, curing is most successful when temperatures are slightly below freezing. In warm weather, curing needs to be conducted in the shade, away from humid winds.

Although lower temperatures are best, rainy conditions are not suited to repointing. It is not recommended to work on repointing on rainy days. For best results, temperatures should stay cool, but the sun should be out.

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