What to Do if Your Building is Crumbling

When the mortar joints on an industrial building have cracked, flaked, or disintegrated due to weather or time, there’s only one true solution when it comes to fixing the issue – tuckpointing. Whether it’s a masonry, stone, lintel, or a chimney structure, once the process of tuckpointing is complete, a once crumbled and dilapidated brick structure now looks better than it ever did – and if your industrial building is in Chicago or any of its surrounding areas, Arrow Masonry & Exteriors will be happy to help with any of your tuckpointing needs!

At its core, tuckpointing is the process of filling in open joints and gaps in an industrial mortar structure with a proper mortar mix that will blend your existing brick color and texture/profile. While it’s extremely tedious and difficult to handle, it is possible to do it yourself, but you’ll have to worry about grinding out a mortar joint, taking the joint out and tuckpointing it with new mortar (in a color that matches the existing color as close as possible) Then, once this new mortar is “thumbprint” hard, you’d have to tool the joint to form a concave texture/profile for a watertight seal. And don’t forget to clean the building’s masonry, which would then blend the existing mortar with the newly added mortar. That said, it’s simply not a very good idea to do it yourself – but we at Arrow Masonry & Exteriors can do it for you professionally – and with this process finished, your masonry, stone, lintel, or chimney structure will look incredibly clean and brand new – and as mentioned: it’ll look better than it ever did.

It’s important to note that the tuckpointing process improves quite literally every aspect of the structure. Whether it’s the structural integrity, the aesthetics of the building, the marketability of the structure, or even prolonging the overall life of your masonry, Arrow’s tuckpointing process not only keeps your masonry building within code compliance while protecting its investment value, but it also minimizes energy loss and overall makes for a better building.

If you are located in Chicago or any of its surrounding areas and your industrial brick-and-mortar structure is crumbling, contact Arrow Masonry & Exteriors today! We will be happy to help with any of your tuckpointing needs.