Tuckpointing for Housing Associations

   Keeping up with the aesthetics of the homes within a homeowners association is incredibly important. The appearance and condition of the brick does a lot of talking to  homeowners and renters. Therefore, upkeep of exterior brick is crucial to keeping your association going. Old, rickety and deteriorated brick can give off the impression that a home or even an entire neighborhood holds less value than reality. In many cases, letting the maintenance of  brick go to waste can quickly turn a small problem into a big one. What could have been a minor touch up can quickly lead to needing an overall replacement of the brick. Needless to say, brick maintenance should be frequent and regular. This kind of service should be nearing the top of any HOA’s priority list.

     An investment into brick maintenance  is an investment into your overall property longevity and essentially the community as a whole. The first impression anyone would get whilst drifting through a particular neighborhood is the appearance of the outside of the buildings. It really communicates to a potential buyer or renter what kind of people dwell within those walls and if they really care. Frequently this first impression ends up being the only impression. The reality is that a large fraction of property value lies in the appeal of the neighborhood. The simple task of getting the brick worked on can dramatically add to the look and feel of your community.

       Ultimately, brick upkeep is an often overlooked, but necessary service. The benefits of investing to the aesthetic of a community far outweigh the expense. We can assure you that no other company understands and respects this more than we do. Your community is in great hands with us. Let our work speak for itself. Please feel free to call and let us schedule a quick and easy estimate. Your community will thank you.