Tuckpointing for Chicago Schools

Have you ever truly thought about the history of the schools in Chicago? They have hundreds of years of history education and many stories behind those walls. The best thing we can do to preserve the integrity of our city and its schools is to take care of the structures that make Chicago, Chicago.

Many people look at brick and are under the assumption that it lasts forever. This is simply not true. Although it is a sturdy and wonderful choice to use for construction, NOTHING lasts forever. Our cold winter weather conditions are ideal to destroy the mortar in your brick. In order to keep our Chicago schools standing, we MUST take care of the foundation!

Tuckpointing in these Chicago schools can be crucial to make sure our children still have a building to go into! When mortar weakens, moisture can seep behind or break down stones causing water damage behind the wall, which in turn can lead to mold, mildew and and plethora of other issues.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to bring back the integrity of the building, we offer leak detection to make sure that everything is up to par and safe for your health and well being. Let’s keep our schools going and our children safe and happy. Contact us for a consultation or to schedule an appointment today and let us take care of the buildings that have made history in our city.