The Basics About Tuckpointing

Most people have heard of the word “tuckpointing” but are a bit unclear of its exact definition. In its simplest terms, tuckpointing refers to the process used to repair mortar joints in brick masonry or stone. This is accomplished by raking out the old mortar and filling it in with new material. Tuckpointing is hard work and a quality masonry job takes time.

Signs to Look Out For

If you suspect your mortar is deteriorating and may repairing, it is definitely time to take a closer look.  If you take a key and rub it across the mortar joint and it scratches up a powdery residue, tuckpointing is most likely in order. With good masonry, a key should not scratch it at all.  You can always contact a masonry contractor to be sure.

If your mortar is sub-standard, it can cause moisture to break down a brick masonry wall and result in problems.  When a quality tuckpointing job is completed, it provides a waterproof mortar joint that will increase the life of the wall. Tuckpointing before walls begin to deteriorate can save a lot of money. On the other hand, if you wait to tuckpoint a weakened wall, the only way to fix it is to tear it down and rebuild.

A sign it’s too late to tuckpoint is when your masonry bricks or stone become loose.   At this point the only way to remedy the problem is to tear down the wall and rebuild.  This can be a very expensive repair, so it is important to tuckpoint the mortar joints at the first sign of deterioration.

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