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Protect Against Rain this Spring and Summer in Chicago

One of the most dangerous forces in nature is water. This is true for both shorelines and for homes. With spring having just begun, it’s time to prepare for spring showers and the potential damage they can bring to your home or place of business. Luckily, Arrow Masonry and Exteriors has some helpful tips – as well as professional services – that you can use to protect your investments this spring.

Buildings vulnerable to water

Waterproofing is a common preventative measure that is especially important this spring and summer. If your building is made of limestone, renaissance stone or single wythe brick veneer, your building is especially vulnerable. This is true as well for smooth and split-face concrete block buildings.

Your building is also vulnerable to water damage if it has properly functioning roofs, gutters and downsprouts. This means that your building’s exteriors will be exposed to running water. Or, any building exposed to windy thunderstorms or showers are vulnerable, as water can penetrate the masonry.

Why waterproofing helps

When you waterproof your masonry with an effective waterproofing agent, you are sealing the surface of the brick or other material against moisture that would otherwise enter the material and cause cracks or damage. We recommend different types of waterproofing agents for various types of building materials, such as an elastomeric sealant for a stone surface.

If you haven’t had your building’s masonry water sealed in more than five years, then you should get this service done for your building as soon as you can before spring showers start occurring frequently. Waterproofing sealants work best when they are applied every five years. A little extra money ahead of time can help prevent even costlier repairs if water damage causes your masonry to peal or deteriorate.

Get help from Arrow Masonry and Exteriors

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