Performing Masonry Work in the Heat of Summer

Summer is when most people are thinking about vacations and leisure activities. But along with nice weather, summer also brings humidity and drenching thunderstorms. This can be problematic for contractors since summer is also prime construction season.

Many building owners will be rushing to complete masonry work before fall.  Hot weather can really impact a construction schedule. Most contractors don’t concern themselves with weather because the temperature is usually ideal. However, masons should pay attention to summer conditions since weather can change drastically from morning to afternoon.

Early in the day, before the sun is at its highest, buildings are shaded. However, in the afternoon, humidity increases, and the sun really heats up. Sun beating down on masonry work rapidly evaporates the water from the mortar, creating cracks.

Protecting Materials is Essential

Unfortunately, many contractors don’t have protection plans in place during the summer. Safeguards such as burlap blankets or tarps should be used to protect the new work.  These provisions are essential for doing masonry correctly in the heat.

Protecting masonry materials in summer is of vital importance.  These materials  include mortar, sand, and cool water.  All materials need to be as cool as possible before use. The mortar used should be at less than 120°F. It can be tempered again with cool water to maintain consistency in the heat. Sand should be kept in a loose, damp condition by sprinkling it with water and leaving it uncovered.

These protections, once put in place, should prevent rapid loss of moisture from the new masonry work.  Combined with proper masonry techniques, the result should be a building that will last for years.

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