Lintel Replacement

If you want to accomplish something during your day with the most efficiency and productivity, you’ve got to have support.
• Every good, ergonomically sound workstation needs a footrest, a wrist support, a monitor raiser, and lumbar support built into or added to the chair.
• If you want to gain muscle and stability by lifting weights, doing squats or lunges, or just about any type of balancing exercise, you need the support of your lower back and legs.
• In your car, your head restraint will keep the back of your head aligned with your seat in case you are rear-ended, reducing your risk of whiplash.
• When you go to sleep at night, your pillow keeps your head elevated and your throat clear to help you breathe; the springs in the bed frame balance out your back and body’s muscle groups; and the bedposts keep you above the floor and away from air vents.
Our bodies need support in order to work properly and injury-free during work, play, travel and rest. You also usually have a pretty good idea when your support is failing. For instance, you sprain yourself at the gym because your legs were not spread apart enough; you develop carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrist from repetitive motions with your mouse; you get bumped from behind when you are stalled in traffic and now your neck hurts; or, you wake up with a sore back because a loved one or (not-so-loved pet) stole your pillow out from under you when you were sleeping.
Believe it or not, buildings work in much the same way as our bodies when the support stops working. At ARROW, we have seen first-hand what happens when a lintel stops supporting the masonry above it, or when an I-Beam begins to sag (and the floor above it with it). This is why you need to ensure the supports in your building are working at all times. Like your body, a building without the right support risks serious injury, loss of functionality, or – in a worst-case-scenario – collapse and destitution.
If you’re not sure if your building’s support structures are ensuring your property will be free from harm in the near or distant future, it’s imperative you contact us to today to conduct an assessment. We will take care of everything you need on-site to ensure that your building does not experience something you could have prevented by acting today.