Keeping Lintels Strong and Solid

A lintel is something most people who live or work in or near multi-story buildings see most everyday but probably do not know the technical term. Simply put, it is defined as a structural horizontal block that spans the space between two vertical supports. In many cases it will be a load-bearing building component or sometimes a decorative architectural element, or in other instances a combined ornamented structural item. It is usually found over doors, fireplaces or portals and can really enhance the look aesthetically of a building.

In fact, the use of the lintel form as a decorative building element over a door with no structural function has been used in the architectural traditions and styles of most cultures for many centuries all over the world including India, Greece and Mexico, just to name a few examples.

However, like most structural elements, over time due to weather, the environment and age, lintels will eventually corrode and weaken. It is imperative that any lintels displaying signs of sagging or weakness get repaired or replaced before they skew or fall. This is not just an aesthetic issue but a safety concern as well.

For this reason, and due to the fact lintels are so important to the look and security of your structure it is important to make sure you hire a firm with the knowledge and resources to correct all the issues with your beams and angle irons. If you are in the Chicago area the first place to call is Arrow Masonry and Exteriors, Inc. Based in Palatine, IL, Arrow serves the entire Chicago area and its suburbs. Its reputation is absolutely impeccable and the fact they have been doing business since 1964 will let you know your project is in the best possible hands.

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