How to Know When Your Chimney Needs Rebuilding

As a general rule, a chimney is the first part of the masonry on a building that will show signs of age and deterioration. This is due in large part that a chimney is under almost constant attack from all the elements. Because chimneys are situated above the roofline, they have no roof or gutter system to clear away water. This makes them practically defenseless to heavy bouts of precipitation and wind.

Serious damage can result from the smallest crack or imperfection to your chimney.  If there is any penetration of water through a cap that fails, the results can be severe. The top section of a chimney can disintegrate so badly that the only course of action is complete repair of the masonry. When you get to the point where most of brick of a chimney shows signs of cracking or flaking it is time to rebuild the structure.

Keep Tabs on Your Capstone

This is why it is very important to keep track of the capstone on your chimney. The capstone is the cement section of the chimney that tops or caps off the brickwork. Due to its location at the very top of the structure it is exposed to the very roughest weather conditions. If you notice just one or two cracks here, you can relax – this is considered normal and can repaired without replacement. On the other hand, if you see a cap that is broken in sections you more than likely need to have another cap installed. This work is intricate and requires the experience of professionals.

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