Honoring the end of summer

The month of September is a harrowing time for home owners and business owners.

Soon, a lot of the benefits of the summer months – some obvious, others aren’t – will disappear, leaving their properties exposed and vulnerable to the elements of fall and winter.

Here is what you’ll miss now that summer is ending.

Added weight on the roof

In summer, the worst that can happen to your roof is hail or lightning strikes that can bring trees onto your building. Hail typically doesn’t get beyond golf ball sized, thankfully. And lightning strikes on your property are about as common as actual tornado touchdowns.

But in the fall, there’s the risk of leaves clogging up drainage pipes, gutters and accumulating on your roof directly. That’s a far cry from the easy breezy days of summer. Then in winter, it gets worse – snow accumulation, sleet and icy conditions.

Fluctuating moisture

Sure, humidity is an issue in summertime. But unlike the winter, you don’t necessary have any fears that moisture from outside is going to expand in your walls and cause them to crack.

The fluctuating temperatures of fall and winter place nature’s greatest threat right in your backyard – and inside your masonry. Rain turns to ice and snow and coats your building’s walls. Then, it tends to warm up a bit, making that ice and snow into water – and seeped into stone and brick. Then, it gets cold again. This back-and-forth can wreak havoc on any building, no matter how new or old it is.

Mold and allergens

Speaking of fluctuating moisture levels – when fall comes along, a whole host of allergens are introduced into the environment that can affect your building’s occupants. When the weather changes, certain plants and vegetation begins to die off and trap moisture with it. This can lead to mold and other troublesome allergens.

Leaves on the ground – and in your gutters – also can accumulate and trap dirt and soot, increasing the amount of environmental allergens nearby your building. You’re probably missing the days of summer even more just thinking about it!

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