Find the source of water trouble in your buildings

They don’t call it rainy season for nothing. This May will bring with it an enormous amount of rainfall in the Chicagoland area. And with lots and lots of rain comes the risk of leaks – and with leaks, comes damage, mold and more.

So, to prevent harm from coming to your buildings, you should find out where your leak vulnerabilities are. If that sounds like a dubious task, luckily there is help available – leak detection services from us.

Leak detection from Arrow

We have 50 years of experience with premium masonry restoration in the Chicago area. With this comes the knowledge and expertise to help determine what every building’s vulnerabilities are. Additionally, we have assembled the top modern-day technology to help out with all your building’s needs.

Some of this technology allows us to easily and effectively determine where your building’s leak vulnerabilities are. Here’s how our leak detection works: Infrared imaging allows us to see a view of your building that the naked eye wouldn’t be able to see. It will allow us to identify the most likely source of leaks throughout the external masonry of your building.

After we have detected any major vulnerabilities, we will offer recommendations on addressing it to prevent any further water damage to your building.

Energy efficiency audits

Our leak detection services also include the option of receiving an energy efficiency audit. If you select this option, we will do a thorough inspect of your building’s external masonry. This includes windows, walls, doors and anywhere else where heat can escape.

While heat loss is more of an issue during the winter months, consider getting an energy efficiency audit in the spring or summer. It’s something you can “cross off your list” before things get cold again in the fall.

Our energy efficiency audit also includes specific recommendations to repair any vulnerable areas that could allow heat to escape.

Addressing vulnerabilities head-on

Of course, fixing up your masonry and leak vulnerabilities are within our range of services as well. Not only can we detect leaks and perform an energy audit, we can be the ones to fix your building as well. You can read more about our waterproofing (and other services) at our website here.

Get your leak detection audit done today

Are you interested in getting a leak detection audit for your home or place of business? You can find out more about leak detection services on our website here. Then, you can contact us at to schedule an appointment. It’s free to get an estimate of our services!

Additionally, you also can  call us at one of our convenient phone numbers at our contact page.