Arrow Masonry

Extreme Winter = Potential Damage

This is a courtesy message from Arrow Masonry…Condo Owners, Property Managers, and Engineers please be on alert for potentially dangerous situations your masonry buildings could pose as a result of this extreme winter!

Bitter cold temps, snow/ice damming and brutal wind forces have undoubtedly caused your masonry facades to expand/contract…heave/hoe…bend/sway.

Before your masonry building gets cited or worse becomes a public hazard with costly liabilities call Arrow Masonry today at 847-776-6400 or click here to request a quote.

Flaking brick/displaced masonry/crumbling mortar joints /corroded steel lintels/ and menacing leaks are all evidence that serious repairs are mandatory. If your masonry building is suffering from any of these conditions contact Arrow Masonry now and one of our qualified estimators will inspect your building to assess the damage.

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