Experience is Key With Masonry Restoration

Some reparation projects require more knowledge than others to complete safely and successfully. If the work to be done is intricate, detailed or complicated, hiring an experienced contractor is more important than ever. One such industry that requires high levels of competency and attention to detail is tuckpointing and masonry restoration.

Complex Work Requires Experience

Crumbling masonry joints can evolve into a larger problem and lead to safety issues. When left unchecked, crumbling masonry may lead to water seepage behind a brick façade. This can damage the structure of the building. Bricks may eventually loosen, necessitating costly and extensive repairs. It is also possible for insects or small vermin to penetrate the building’s facade, causing additional building issues and other health concerns.

Tuckpointing is sometimes referred to as repointing. It is the process of repairing the mortar joints in brick masonry walls. This is accomplished by removing a portion of the old mortar, then raking it out with specialized tools. Professionals will analyze the existing mortar and bricks to determine what type of fresh material will be compatible while creating a visually appealing finish. They then fill in the mortar joists with fresh mortar or grout.

Experienced tuck pointers are well-versed in how to control the silica exposure arises during this process. Silica is a mineral found in bricks, mortar and other construction material. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has strict guidelines about controlling exposure. Vacuum dust collection systems, for example, have shown an ability to limit the potential respiratory risks associated with silica.

Tuckpointing is Labor Intensive

Tuckpointing is often a very labor-intensive endeavor.  An experienced tuck pointer will assess the right depth of mortar necessary to grind out by examining your building’s bricks. Using an incompatible material runs the risk of causing damage to the bricks themselves.  Before trusting this task with a less-experienced contractor, consider the possible poor outcomes. When tuckpointing is done properly, it can dramatically improve structural integrity.

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