Essential Tools Used for Tuckpointing

A fireplace or chimney with a beautiful design can markedly increase the value and appeal of your home or office. It also affords you the opportunity for enjoyable moments by a cozy fire for your family or clients. However, like anything else, over time the mortar joints are subject to wear and tear may become damaged due to exposure to harsh weather conditions.  Moisture can even damage rock masonry, if it seeps into weakened mortar joints.   At this point, tuckpointing, a repair process that stops this destructive process, may be necessary.

Bricks on a chimney are durable and can last a century but mortar has a much shorter lifespan.  Depending on its exposure and other conditions, mortar typical lasts about 25 years. The layout of the roof and the position of the chimney affect how much or little water drainage contributes to erosion of the mortar joints.

When mortar joints become damaged, the best course of action is to call a professional, or if you are handy, make the needed repairs yourself. If you decide to complete the work yourself, remember the basic idea of tuckpointing is to remove all the damaged mortar and replace it with fresh material.

Basic Tools Used in Tuckpointing

The are some very basic but helpful tools you will want to have on hand if you decide to do the tuckpointing yourself – such as a mortar trowel, tuckpointing grinder, a plugging chisel and hammer, a mortar gun and some masonry brushes.

Trowels are used to spread the mortar when tuckpointing block, brick or stone. The grinder is extremely helpful in removing the mortar joints and cutting the stones or bricks. Use the chisel and hammer to clean the old mortar that must be replaced. The gun will help speed up the application of the mortar for crack and repairs. Masonry brushes are used to clean off the repair area or for finishing touches and aid in removing dust particles after fixing the framework.

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