Energy Efficiency in Brick Homes

For decades bricks have been one of the most popular building materials. In fact, almost 40% of current residences were constructed using bricks. Due to the attempt to decrease energy consumption in all forms, special building regulations have been created in recent years.  These energy guidelines require newly constructed homes be built more efficiently.

The problem is many current types of wall materials are dense and cumbersome. They may absorb heat and deter its conveyance through the walls in your home. Through these barriers, temperature changes tend to moderate. When this occurs heat loss is compromised, making it more difficult to cool your home. Compared to brick walls, the lightweight materials have a very low measure of thermal mass.

Building With Bricks is an Efficient Alternative

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to install thermal mass is through the use of bricks. Those bricks that are made from clay contain very high levels. They are the perfect material to use to ensure your home is well ventilated, comfortable and more energy efficient. And during the summer heat, an airy, cool place that also saves on energy bills is a wonderful bonus.

In recent years research has been conducted proving the assumption brick stone homes are truly energy efficient. Research has discovered that a large part of the heat bounced back to the outside environment is by way of the exterior panel of the brick. Another determination was that during summer, the temperature inside a home constructed with bricks remained cooler and more comfortable. This was true even with changing weather conditions outside. In other words, bricks help keep the feel of the house from wild fluctuations such as those in a building made of wood or siding.

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