Different Types of Masonry in Building Construction

Many people are vaguely familiar with masonry walls but have no clue regarding specifics.  There are actually several types of masonry used in building construction. Walls made of masonry are the most strong and durable part of any building. The masonry provides strength and durability to the structure. It also helps to control indoor and outdoor temperature.

Masonry Differs Depending on Different Factors

Masonry is the word used for construction with mortar.  It is used as binding material with individual units of stones, bricks, concrete blocks and tiles.  Mortar is a mixture of binding material with sand. Some of the more common binding materials include cement, lime or soil.

The durability and strength of masonry wall construction depends on the type and quality of material used. Load bearing masonry walls are usually constructed with bricks, stones or concrete blocks. These walls transfer loads from the roof to the building’s foundation. These walls can be exterior or interior. The construction system with load bearing walls are more economical than one using framed structures.

Reinforced masonry walls can be either load or non-load bearing. The use of reinforcement in walls helps it to withstand tension forces and heavy compressive loads. Masonry walls that are not reinforced are susceptible to failure. They have little strength to withstand lateral forces during high winds or rain. Cracks also develop in un-reinforced masonry walls due to soil pressure or the settlement of foundations.

Hollow or Cavity masonry walls are used to prevent moisture reaching the interior of the building. They do this by providing a hollow space between the outside and inside face of a wall. These walls also help to control temperatures inside a building from the outside as the hollow space restricts heat to pass through the structure.

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