Caulking and Sealing a Building

Caulking is a decades old technique that was originally mainly used in ship building. The idea was to prevent any penetration between hard-surfaced construction materials. It is imperative the caulk or sealant is water-tight and secured tightly to the hard surface. The more secured the seal, the greater the effectiveness of the caulk.

To keep pace with the growing need for waterproofing, many manufacturers began to develop caulking materials and sealants. These newer products worked much better than the older oil-based caulking materials commonly used. However, there remained issues with the new materials. Leaks were frequent because the sealants could not bridge the joint that enlarged as the metal window frame contracted from chilly temperatures. Thankfully, current technology and better procedures have made caulking and sealing much more efficient.

Cracks are an Indicator of Problems

So how does an owner know if their building needs caulking or sealing? A simple eye check around the windows and doors will reveal if caulk is missing or out of place. Similarly, if cracks or drafts are present, caulking of the structure is probably required. Sealants and caulking will not only keep heating and cooling costs down but will improve the aesthetics of the entire building.

If you are in the Chicago area and your structure needs some caulk and sealing work, you cannot go wrong with Arrow Masonry. Caulking buildings is one of Arrow’s areas of expertise. The company employs a variety of sealant products depending on the requirements of the job. Polyurethane, silicone, and butyl rubber caulk are among the more commonly used materials to form a watertight seal to all types of perimeter, control and expansion joints.

Arrow has the experience, equipment and professionals to handle all caulking and sealing for your building.  Arrow Masonry and Exteriors has been providing quality caulking and masonry restoration services to commercial and residential communities for over 50 years. Call Arrow today at 847-776-6400 or visit their website to view all the services that can provide for you.