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Brick Repair and Restoration

There are a few common outward signs when winter weather’s got us down. If it’s been snowing or very cold outside, our skin and hair begin to dry and our lips become chapped. Our skin tends to change color as the cold air rushes past our faces. Our joints weaken from the freezing temperatures and our posture may begin to sag as we tread through the snowy walkways on our way to work, class or in the community.

Believe it or not, these aftereffects of typical Midwestern winters (and even early springs) are also signs that our buildings’ bricks are in trouble and need to be restored or replaced. There are other signs, too, that luckily don’t appear on us the same way they may appear on masonry. These include bubbles or bowing forming on brick walls; chipping, flaking, crumbling or cracking of individual bricks or brick segments; and even the face of the brick completely falling off. (That last one luckily does not typically happen to us.)

These effects are due to moisture and water making its way into a wall through ineffective mortar joints and then freezing and expanding the brick. Though we can do some things to repair damaged bricks, sometimes the only way to return your masonry to its original condition may be to completely remove and rebuild the area. Doing this as quickly as possible will also help ensure the water damage does not spread to healthy bricks in the surrounding areas on the wall.

If you’ve spotted these signs on your masonry, be sure to call us today at INSERT NUMBER or contact us at INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS for your free estimate.  We work with a variety of brick suppliers to make sure your replaced bricks match as closely as possible to the surrounding wall.

Don’t you wish removing weather wear on ourselves were this easy?

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