Do Weather Conditions Effect Tuckpointing Services?

Sometimes it is obvious tuckpointing services need to be performed. Cracks or other signs tell us repairs are needed. A common question asked when tuckpointing is necessary is: does the weather or other outdoor conditions effect the work to be done? The quickest answer is both yes and no.

The best weather conditions for tuckpointing work occurs in an air temperature between 40-90° F for the previous 24 hours and following 72 hours. It is also ideal to have no heavy rain or snow the day before or several hours after completion of the work.

In the Chicago area, the best times for projects are in the spring and fall. February and December will offer some possible days but can at times present some issues.  January is usually an unworkable month. Late January can at times present a couple decent days here and there. When ideal conditions are questionable, the cold can be dealt with a few different ways.

How to Tuckpoint in Cold Conditions

The simplest solutions for cold weather tuckpointing are the use of additives. They speed drying time and increase heat generated by the mortar during the curing process. Additives are best for smaller projects when temperatures will not fall too far below normal working conditions. Covering completed work can also help trap heat released by the curing process. Specialized heated tarps can be used to add warmth to the work surface area.

When your cold weather tuckpointing is finished, check for some signs that mortar was improperly installed. The most obvious is pitting of the mortar joints. This happens due to water in the mortar mix freezing when applying. Mortar that is not allowed to mix properly is weaker than a properly cured mortar.  In addition to the improper curing, as the water freezes, it expands and creates pockets throughout the joints. The water will eventually unfreeze and make its way out of the masonry, leaving an incredibly poor joint in the brick, block or stone.

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