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Chimney Repair Before & After

  • Before: The brick was spalling due to broken capstones.
    After: The entire upper portion of the chimney was rebuilt with new brick.
  • Before: This is the inside of a large chimney that has pulled away from a building due to an unstable foundation. Notice the large gap where the chimney adjoins the wall.
    After: Arrow had to rebuild both the inner concrete block back up wall as well as the outer face brick wall after the foundation was pinned and stabilized. Now there is no large gap between the chimney and the return wall.
  • Before: The upper portion of this chimney was “fanning” (bricks were displaced in the shape of a fan) so it needed to be rebuilt.
    After: The upper portion was rebuilt with salvaged brick (per customer’s request) so you would not see a difference between the old and new brick.
  • Before: This chimney had missing and spalled brick in addition to severely eroded mortar joints.
    After: The paint was removed using chemicals, all defective bricks were replaced and the chimney was tuckpointed completely.
  • Before: Bricks were actually missing on the top of this chimney.
    After: The top part of the chimney was rebuilt. Again, note the close brick match to the original.
  • Before: This entire chimney was riddled with crazed and spalled brick.
    After: The entire chimney had to be rebuilt with new masonry units that could withstand the harsh temperatures.

Chimneys are usually the first part of a masonry building to manifest signs of deterioration. This is mostly due to the fact that chimneys are constantly bombarded by the elements. Resting above the roofline virtually defenseless, chimneys do not have any roof or gutter system to divert water away from them as on the main part of your brick building.

A simple hairline crack in your chimney capstone, if neglected, can cause serious damage. Water penetration through a failed cap can cause the top courses of your chimney to disintegrate to the point where masonry repair is mandatory. When the majority of the brick on a chimney are spalling, flaking, cracking, displacing or even missing it is time to repair it with new masonry units. From mobilization to job clean up and all masonry repairs in between, contact Arrow Masonry.

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“Your professional attitude and your estimator’s helpful and knowledgeable assistance made our job much easier to accomplish than we had anticipated. Our cooperative is very pleased with the results and we look forward to retaining Arrow for future work at our building. Thank you for a job well done.”

Paul S, Chicago, IL
Addison Building Corporation

“They did an excellent job… it was not nearly as messy as I had anticipated. The crew cleaned up afterward, so much so that you would have never known they were here!”

Gia T, Rolling Meadows, IL
Transwestern Commercial Services

“We are very pleased with the workmanship of Arrow’s employees on our chimney. The handling of the project by your estimator exceeded our expectations. She was very prompt with initial contact and this efficiency continued throughout the project. An unexpected flashing problem surfaced, but with your estimator’s advice and assistance, it was solved expediently. She obviously knows her business and how to conduct it! She is very customer focused and an excellent image for your business. Thank you for a job well done.”

Meyer, B, Western Springs, IL

“Your workmen were the best we have had at our house. They did everything as promised – arrived on time, stayed on task, cleaned everything, finished on time and performed the job completely and correctly. Your crew chief was great. He knew what he needed to do and how he wanted it done. His crew followed his lead and worked hard for him. We are most satisfied with your company.”

A. Lynn H, Lake Forest, IL

“I have contracted with Arrow over the years to perform work on several of my properties. The services ranged from tuckpointing through lintel replacement to parapet wall rebuilding. One job in particular called for massive brick replacement and I was concerned about matching the new brick to the old. When the job was completed, I could not tell where the new masonry was installed. They matched the brick and mortar perfectly. I would definitely use Arrow’s services again.”

Gina D, Northbrook, IL
Signature Management Group

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