Arrow Masonry

K. Smock

“I would like to take a minute and explain the nature of my letter. Typically people have a tendency to complain instead of compliment. We tend to harp on the bad while failing to concentrate on the good. I am guilty of the above. It is not uncommon to find mediocre services, inflated prices, rude business people and all over poor customer service. This brings me to the reason for contacting your company.My mother is recently divorced and left with a house in need of many repairs. I made a list of repairs needing immediate attention with top priority to tuckpointing. I scheduled a few local companies to come and give her estimates. It seemed as soon as they realized she was a middle aged, single female they began the sales pitch. These so called sales people gave inflated estimates and tried to bully her into accepting their bids. They had her believing she needed more work than was necessary.I resorted to grabbing the yellow pages and calling outside of our area. I was not immediately impressed by any of the advertisements and less impressed by the initial calls. Then I went to your website and thought maybe I had found something. The sight was easy to read, colorful and informative. I was still slightly skeptical until I called and spoke with Kathy. She was so nice and professional.

ARROW came out and gave an estimate immediately. Though the job was small Kathy said ARROW still wanted my business and offered a reasonable estimate. I was speechless. I actually found a company that was fair, reasonable and willing to go that extra mile. I signed the contract.

Though the weather did not cooperate and ARROW was backed up with major jobs, Kathy kept in contact and assured me I had not been forgotten. On the day ARROW came to the house the workers were fast, courteous and meticulous. When they were finished the yard had been completely cleaned.

ARROW exceeded my expectations! I can not thank you enough. ARROW has proven honest and reliable companies still exist. I can only show my gratitude by praising your company to all people I come in contact with. I am constantly telling neighbors, co-workers and friends ARROW is the best!

Thanks again!! I wish your company nothing but many, many years of success.”

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