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Membrane Coatings

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Any type of concrete pad, whether it be a balcony floor or a pedestrian walkway, will have repair issues. Concrete alone has a tendency to crack and matters could be exacerbated by standing water, outdoor carpet, deicing salts, chemicals, oils and gasoline. All of these could contribute to the decay of your concrete decking/flooring.

Detecting any cracking, pitting or leaking is indicative that your concrete deck needs restoration. If repairs are ignored, water infiltration into the substrate could systematically destroy the concrete and impair the infrastructure of the steel support members.

The method of repair starts with resurfacing the deck which involves etching, detailing and patching of structural cracks, voids, and pitted concrete. This is followed by the application of a polyurethane basecoat and a protective topcoat which flexes and expands to bridge any future shrinkage cracks or failed patches. In addition to providing a durable non-skid surface, this waterproof coating system protects occupied areas underneath from water damage and comes in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

Membrane Coatings Before & After

  • Before: This is a concrete pedestrian catwalk prepped for a waterproof membrane coating.
    After: Once the concrete pad is patched and caulked a base coat is installed then it is finished off with a waterproofed colorcoat.
  • Before: The surface of this third floor balcony was severely pitted and eroded due to years of water damage.
    After: ARROW removed the top 2″ of the concrete and installed a two part urethane waterproof membrane with a non-skid finish.
  • Before: The expansion joints within this parking deck failed, causing water damage to the interior portion of the garage underneath.
    After: With the correct application process, these joints were stripped and resealed to prevent future water penetration.


“I thought your proposal was clear about what work would be done. Your price was not the lowest, but it was competitive. Your crew did a really nice job and the site was cleaned up very well. Thank you.”

Ron D, Elk Grove Village, IL
Van Doorn Roofing

“I chose Arrow because your estimator explained your process in a way that indicated that you know the right way to do the job and are willing to put in the effort to do it that way. I was very impressed by how hard your crew worked and by how thorough they were.”

Matchette, C, LaGrange, IL

“Your bid was nearly identical to another contractors that came highly recommended. You were able to do the job quicker and your staff was more professional so I chose you. We would be happy to recommend you in the future.”
Whitcomb, R, Winnetka, IL

“Your estimator was very professional when he came out to the house for the estimate. He explained everything thoroughly and the job was actually completed ahead of schedule. The crew that performed the work was very courteous and professional as well. Thank you Arrow!”

Gustafson R, Chicago, IL

“We are very pleased with the work your crew did on our building… It looks brand new! Your workers are very dedicated and never slowed down once – even in the horrible heat. If I had any money left I would give them each a bonus!!! Thanks again for a great job. We certainly will recommend you!”

Gustafson S, Elgin, IL

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